Prime Time Adult Hockey

Kids Shouldn't Have All the Fun!

About Prime Time Adult Hockey

Certified Officials

Prime Time Adult Hockey leagues use qualified officials ensuring safe gameplay.

Prime Time Ice

No more midnight finishes. Prime Time Adult Hockey leagues use prime ice time with most games taking place between 7pm and 10pm.

Website for Stats

Track your player stats with our website that shows your individual and team performance!

Comprehensive Insurance

The Prime Time Adult Hockey leagues provide comprehensive insurance coverage to players.

Top Facilities

We pride ourselves in the fact that all our leagues operate out of world-class facilities for our teams to play.

Division 1 Champs: Creativ Realty

Division 3 Champs: Moncton Honda Patriots

Division 4 (Tier 1) Champs: The Snowplows

Division 4 (Tier 2) Champs: The Generals