Date Implemented: Nov.1, 2010
Revised:  September 8, 2018

Created by: Sheldon Reid (AHG)

1.0 Administration
Registration & Fees must be paid in full each year by December 15. Individually registered players must pay their fees prior to the start of the first game. Full teams will have a deposit due (amount & time will be set by AHG) with the remainder of fees to be paid according to payment plan set by AHG.

2.0 Management
Sheldon Reid          (League Coordinator, Referee in Chief),
Charlie Bourgeois    (President of AHG)
Christian Bossé            (Technical Director of AHG)

2.1 League Executive
1. As of Nov. 1 / 2010, the Adult Men’s Hockey League has adopted a committee to function as Disciplinary Committee. This committee will be comprised of one representative per team + the League’s Management team. Decisions on league policy including length of any suspensions will be arrived at through discussion with this committee. If required, voting will take place. One vote per team will be permitted.
If there is a player(s) being disciplined because of a game offence, the team rep for that team will not participate in the meeting or vote on the suspension. Neither will the opponents’ team’s rep from that particular game be involved in that meeting or vote. Only the remaining team reps and the Management Team will be involved.

2.2 Minor Official Duties
1. Time keeper / scorekeeper for all games.
2. Responsible for Roster confirmation for regular season and for playoffs.
3.  Responsible for completing scoresheet for each game
4. Responsible for keeping the game on time and adjusting accordingly.

3.0 Rosters
1.   Players must be 19 years of age by the start of the season.
2.  Each team’s roster will not exceed 21 players (20 skaters + 1 goalie) including spares.
3.  A player has to be placed on a roster as full time and must play with that team.  A player is allowed to play UP a division but NOT down a division.
The player who is full time with a divisional team can ONLY play the full time teams’ playoffs – he cannot play on another roster/team for playoffs. Division UP that is.
4.  Team rosters will be presented on Pre-generated game sheets. These sheets will be created for each game and passed to each team rep prior to game time.
5.   League statistics will be strictly monitored to log attendance for all players. It is the responsibility of each team rep to ensure that pre-generated game sheets are properly adjusted prior to the start of the respective game.
6.   Each team has a goalie on their roster, these goalies are able to play (Borrowed) for other teams if a team is short their goalie for that night.
7. There shall be NO carded players allowed to play in our league. The only exception is that of players who play “Senior” hockey only is allowed to play.

Teams are allowed to use other team’s goalies in the playoffs.
Goalies cannot be carded players.

If a team’s goalie gets injured during the season and he is not able to play the rest of the season, they will be allowed to bring in another goalie of the same calibre with final approval by AHG League Management.
4.0 Playing Rules
The league is governed by CARHA rules.
The following subsections state rules that are specific to this league and supersede any that are stated within the CARHA document.
4.1 Game Format
1.  Each game will have a 3 minute warm-up period. At that time, the referees will instruct both teams to line up for the opening face-off. If either team does not comply with this instruction immediately, they will be assessed a 2 minute delay of game penalty.
2.  Each game will consist of two 20 minute stop time periods.
3. Teams can agree to start on which ever end of the ice they choose. BOTH teams need to agree!
After the 1st period expires it is up to each team to agree if they want to switch ends or not.

Mercy Rule
The game can change to running time if, during second period – the last 10 minutes of the period, a 7 goal difference is realized and will continue to run for the remainder of the game. Both teams must be in agreement.
NOTE:  The game can / will revert to running time if the timekeeper deems that the game is running behind/ past  allotted time. This will be monitored by the AHG Management team.
NOTE: This does not apply during playoffs.

4.2 Player Participation
1.  Teams must dress a minimum of 5 skaters and 1  fully dressed goaltender                                           for each game.
2.  A team failing to ice a minimum roster of 5 skaters and 1 a fully dressed goaltender
will forfeit the game.  Teams will have the option to also declare forfeit if they decide not to play with the minimum amount of players required.
NOTE:  Teams can play the game with the understanding that the 2 points for a win has already been awarded due to the forfeit of one team.  At this point teams may share players for a more balanced game. 
NOTE 1: If a team is in a forfeit situation and have at least 5 skaters plus a goaltender, they are permitted to approach the opposing teams’ organizer/captain (If both of these individuals are not present during this game/situation the officials will appoint someone to make the decision) and request to have the forfeit waved. The opposing team has the option to oblige with this request. If they choose to do so, the game will be played as a regularly scheduled game. This must be noted accordingly on the game sheet. All statistics, including the final score will be considered as official. This includes penalties assessed and any suspensions enforced.
NOTE 2: If both teams are in a forfeit situation and both teams have at least 5 skaters plus a goaltender and both teams wish to play, the game will be played as a regularly scheduled game. This must be noted accordingly on the game sheet. All statistics, including the final score will be considered as official. This includes penalties assessed and any suspensions enforced. If one of the teams does not want to play, that team will forfeit the game. If both teams choose not to play, they will both forfeit the game.
Playoff Eligibility
A Player must play a total of 5 regular season games (during a given regular season), to qualify for that season’s playoffs.

4.3 Forfeited Games
A team that has forfeited a game, loses that game.
The score will be: 0 – 3.
A fine of $100.00 will be imposed to a team declaring forfeit.  Fine must be paid before the team’s next game. Funds will go to directly to affected team.

4.4 Slap Shots
1. Slapshots for divisions A & B

2. NO Slapshots for C division. Shots will be allowed from waist down. If a shot is taken from above the waist the play is stopped immediately and the face-off taken into the offending team’s zone.

4.5 Playing Environment
ICINGS are in for ALL divisions and games

4.6 Player’s Conduct
Any player under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall not be permitted to play.
Referee’s decision is final. Any reoccurrence will result in a 5 game suspension.
Players are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  A high level of sportsmanship will be expected.
4.7 Body Contact
Body contact is not permitted.
Penalty Assessment is at the referee’s discretion.

4.8 Penalties
-All penalties will result in a faceoff in the offending teams’ defensive zone.
-Any player receiving 3 minor penalties or 3 penalties in the same game will be ejected from that game.
(Double minors count as 2 penalties.)
-Match penalties/attempt to injure penalties will result in immediate ejection from the game and an automatic minimum 3 game suspension. A second offense will result in a 10 game suspension. A third offense will result in a 365 day suspension.
** The league (Management & Disciplinary Committee) reserves the right to impose lifetime suspensions and adjust suspensions based on a player’s history and the gravity of a particular incident **
-Gross misconduct penalties & abuse of officials will result in a 3 game suspension. A second offense will result in a 10 game suspension. A third offense will result in a 365 day suspension.
** The league (Management & Disciplinary Committee) reserves the right to impose lifetime suspensions and adjust suspensions based on a player’s history and the gravity of a particular incident **

Fighting majors will bring the following penalties:
–   3 gms for 1st offence
–  10 gms for 2nd offence
–  Disciplinary Committee for 3 rd offence (Decision will be made of player’s faith – 365 days or Lifetime ban from league)

  • 5 game suspension for 1st offence
  • Disciplinary Committee for 2 nd offence –

(Decision will be made of player’s faith – minimum 365 days or Lifetime ban from league)

These fighting offences will/can be carried over year after year and accumulate year after year. For example: One year one fight, the next year, the same player, second fight, the suspension will be accumulated. So on so forth.

Disciplinary Committees vote.
There is a definitive line between, roughing, double minor roughing, and fighting. League policy has always been that a “fight” results once glove(s) are dropped and a bare handed punch is thrown, regardless of contact. The Disciplinary Committee will also entertain suspensions for players that deliver punches with gloves on. If a player, with gloves on, intentionally punches an opposing player repeatedly he will be assessed a major penalty + game misconduct penalty for fighting. Referee’s discretion.
The Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to review any incident to determine fault based on instigation, referee’s report, or any other means available and adjust suspensions accordingly.

4.9 High sticking of the puck
When a stick makes contact with the puck above the shoulders the face off will occur in the offending teams’ defensive zone.

4.10 High Sticking / the opponent
High sticking your opponent above the normal height of the shoulders will result in a 2  minute minor penalty if deemed unintentional. If injury results, intentionally or not, a 5 minute major + game misconduct penalty will be assessed. Intentional High sticking will result in a Match penalty, 5 minute major + game misconduct + additional suspension mentioned in the constitution.

4.11 Goalies / Delay game
If a goalie shoots the puck outside of the playing area, intentionally or not, a minor penalty will be assessed to the team. It will result in a 2 minute minor penalty.

4.12 Misconduct Penalties
Any player or players receiving a misconduct penalty within the last 10 minutes of regular playing time/game will ejected from that game. If the same player(s) are continual offenders it will go before the Disciplinary Committee for further action & suspension(s).

4.13 Time Outs
Regular season
One 30 second time out per team per game. The time out to be taken at any time during game regardless of score.
One 30 second time out per team per game will be allowed.

4.14  Shootouts
Any game ending in a tie after regulation play (regular season only) will be followed by a shootout with both teams designating shooters .  3 shooters per team. If no team has won then each team will designate 1 player from each team – sudden death. Shootout will continue 1 player per team until a winner. NO PLAYER is allowed to shoot TWICE until & if the shootout continues throughout the lineup first.
NOTE: Same shooter will not be allowed to shoot more than once.  The team declared the winner in the shootout will be awarded 2 points while the looser will receive 1 point.
NOTE:  At the referee’s discretion the shootout may end with no winner being declared due to time restraints.

4.15 Probation
As determined by the Disciplinary Committee, players may be placed on probation. Examples of probation include but not limited to:
–  Attempt to injure penalties
–  Two fighting, two gross misconduct penalties
–  Chronic misconduct penalties
5.0 Grievances
Protests may be filed in writing to the Disciplinary Committee within 24 hours of the infraction, and will be dealt with within 2 days after filing.
6.0 Regular Season Format
The regular season will consist of 20 games for ALL DIVISIONS.
6.1 Playoff format
Playoff format will consist of best 2 out of 3 series for ALL divisions except for division featuring odd number of teams.  EXAMPLE:  9 team division:  8th vs 9th place elimination game  would feature a one game sudden death format with losing team being eliminated from playoffs.
 ALL teams will qualify for the playoffs.

Example of 9 team division playoff format 
Elimination game
8 vs 9 one game elimination
Round 1 :
@ 8 vs 1  @  7 vs 2  @  6 vs 3  @ 5 vs 4
Round 2:
Winners of the 4 quarter final series will advance to semi-finals.
Round 3
Championship series with the winners of semi-final moving forward.

Example of 6 team division playoff format 
Round 1 :
@ 6 vs 1  @  5 vs 2  @  4 vs 3
Round 2:
Winners of the round 1  series plus 4th place wildcard team will advance to semi-finals.
Widcard team
Wildcard team will advance following tie breaking formula bellow:

  1.  Best record ( team with 1 win while other 2 teams go 0-2)
  2.  Best plus / minus record.  (Goals for less Goals against).
  3. Total Goals for in playoffs
  4. Least amount of penalty minutes in playoffs

Round 3
Championship series with the winners of semi-final moving forward.

7.0 Tie-Breakers
7.1  Playoff overtime Format
NOTE: The Timekeeper shall manage the above situation. If time constraints exist, the overtime sessions may be reduced to straight time, approved by the league’s Management Team.

8.0 Equipment
All equipment must be CHA approved (CSA approved)  Visors are optional.

All jerseys must have numbers.
Team names and colours will apply as per the current league AHG list.   Newly entered teams must acquire team names and colours that do not conflict with those of existing league teams. AHG will approve. More specifically, where league team names/colours conflict, it will be the obligation of the newer team to dress opposing team colours.